Learn How toStart a StartupFrom Scratch

From Idea To Startup- Learn Everything to Start & Grow Your Startup Without Hiring An Agency or Spending Tons of Money on Marketing & Technology

3 Steps to Success Online (SSM Formula)

No Matter If You are a Working Professional or Running a Business.

You Need To take the Below 3 Steps to become successful in business and Make More Money




Every Successful Entrepreneur in This World has some specific Skills that makes him/her Successful.

And, You need these Skills to become successful in any business or Profession.

And, Good Thing is that You can Learn these Skills. Nobody born with the Skills, Everyone Acquires the Skills here only. But




To Run and Grow Your Business you need Systems & Processes. It is almost Impossible to Grow Your Business Without Building These Systems.  You Need to Build a Digital Eco-System, Automation and Other systems that works for you 24X7. Once You have these systems working for you, you can Grow Your Business with the help of Next Step.




You need to build Leads/Sales Funnel for the consistent growth. And, Digital Marketing is the must-have strategy to Grow Your Business online.

You need to learn how to Run Facebook/Insta Ads, Google Ads and How to Create a Lead/Sales Funnel that bring your Consistent Leads and Sales.

What Will You Learn

This is The Most Practical Program on Startup In India

If You are an aspiring Entrepreneur and Want to Convert Your Passion into a Full-Fledged Startup OR You are An Entrepreneur running a Business but Struggling to Grow Then This Program is For you.

You will learn the Practical & Proven Strategies to Start & Grow a Startup.


Week- 1

Mind Set & Goal Setting
  • Setting Up The Correct Foundation
  • Finding Your Real Why
  • Complete Road-Map to Startup
  • Making the Market-Positioning
  • What it takes to Be a Real Entrepreneur


Finding a Startup Idea & Validation
  • Learn How to Generate Startup ideas
  • Choosing the Micro-Niche
  • Validating Startup Idea
  • We will Discuss 20+ Proven Online Businesses You Can Start with


Fail-Proof Business Planning
  • Conducting Market Research
  • Conducting Customer Research
  • Conducting Competitor Research
  • Creating Business Projection Report
  • Fulfilling Legal Requirements
  • Seed The Plant of Your Startup- 5 Tasks need to be completed before Start Your Startup
  • Arranging Initial Funds to Start


Setting Up The Systems
  • Creating a Website For Your Startup from Scratch
  • Creating Facebook Business Page
  • Creating Insta Business Page
  • Creating YT Channel for Your Startup
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Business WhatsApp Setup
  • Setting Up Email Marketing
  • Setting up the Automation

Week 7-9

Launching Your MVP And Sales & Marketing
  • Creating & Launching Your MVP
  • Learn Digital Marketing Skills
  • Setting Up Sales Funnel
  • Generating Leads Organically
  • Optimizing Your Website Through On-Page SEO Strategies
  • Learn How to Run Facebook Ads
  • Learn How to Run Google Search Ads
  • Learn How to Run Youtube Ads
  • How to do Email-Marketing in a Right Way
  • Learning Sales techniques
  • Learning Closing Techniques

Week 10-12

Startup growth
  • Learn About the 7 Pillars of a Successful Startup
  • How to Build a Winning Team
  • How to Convert your Startup into a Brand
  • Measuring Startup Growth
  • How to Delight Your Customers
  • Learn About Customer Retention
  • Scaling Your Startup
  • Join-Ventures & Collaboration
  • How to Make Your Startup Future-Ready

Who ThisProgram For?

Entrepreneurs Want to Take Their Business Online

This Masterclass is for entrepreneurs who want to Grow their Business Online

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Want to Start Their Business Online

Learn The Step by Step Method on How to Start an Online Business From Scratch & Grow it

Working Professionals Selling Services

Sell You Services Online To Bigger Audience and Get More Clients for Your Business

Coaches & Trainers Want to Sell Their Courses/Programs

Learn How to Get More Students for Your Courses and Programs

Digital Marketer Generating Leads

Generate More Quality Leads for Your Clients and Charge More

Freelancers & Affiliate Marketers

Get More Clients/Projects For Your Services and Generate More Affiliate Commission

Meet Your Trainer

Founder & CEO - BeautyGlad Home Salon- One of the Largest Home Salon Chains in India

Founder of DigitalGlad Academy For Entrepreneurs

Best Selling Author of The Book "YOU CAN STARTUP"

✓ 10 years of Professional experience in Hospitality, Tourism, Corporate & Entrepreneurship

Helped hundreds of Aspiring Entrepreneurs to Start & Grow their Business Successfully